“Every season paints a unique tableau, from the delicate blossoms of spring to the russet hues of autumn, ensuring that it’s perpetually in its prime. Winter drapes the landscape in a pristine blanket of snow, turning it into a wonderland for enthusiasts, while summer brings forth a vibrant tapestry of green, teeming with activities and life. It’s not merely a destination; it’s an experience, forever shifting, forever inviting, and always in season.”


From 1st December to May, snowfall here averages an incredible 18 metres annually. The champagne powder here is internationally acclaimed. Siberian winds interacting with moisture from the Sea of Japan provides a snow cover for Niseko Village that is among the driest and lightest in the world.


During the summer months, Niseko Village transforms into a verdant oasis, offering a picturesque escape amidst lush landscapes and refreshing breezes. With hiking trails, biking routes, and golf courses set against the stunning vistas of Mount Yotei, Niseko Village is a haven for those seeking solace in the embrace of nature’s beauty.


Discover all the charm and beauty of this special corner in Japan that is Always in Season. From powder-filled ski adventures to sun-drenched outdoor pursuits, Niseko Village seamlessly transitions between seasons, ensuring that every visit is a fresh experience. It’s a destination that never pauses, continually presenting the best of nature and culture, no matter the month.


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